Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Sunday, November 28, 2010



This was all becoming time consuming. Lenny was retired and had free
time to invest being a presence. We ignored him. He would regularly try
to engage us in a confrontation similar to what we believe his son is
doing now. We did our best to ignore him but he
couldn't seem to let go. We would regularly find fruit on our drive...
oranges, plums and peaches. They could have been easily been rolled
the drive from his property. It occurred regularly. He was being a
bully.  If we had company he would come out and randomly discharge his guns. On one of the visits a friend Hillary Jay and her husband Bruce Benjamin made, they
witnessed the gun fire while we were having a casual lunch on our front
porch. It really spooked them.  When my sister Colleen Rogal and her
daughter Maria visited, he did the same thing while we ate outside. It is creepy being the object of someone's obsession. His main purpose was to harass us enough o give up the right of way and put in our own road.  We believe his inability to be rational was fueled by our rejection of his affections. His wife had told us that he was abandoned as a baby andthat affected him in his relationships. But then again she also said never to believe him. So we really didn't know if there was any truth to anything he or she had said said. He did tell us with conviction that he was responsible for President Reagans'austerity program. All because he made the suggestion to Don Ritter, the then US Senator from our region.

We paid for the pavingof the road on HIS land so just walking away at this point was out of the question. That aspect is shown on the photo used in this chronicle
describing the "Drain System". It shows where the macadam ends and our
property begins.
We  believe we found out the motive of his sons' harassment  this past year is theresponse to our request to go to mediation. They suggested we give up
our access and put in our own road. We kept a record of the
activities for years. It was amazing to see how he would hang out near
the drive when we would walk up the drive to get our mail and newspaper. He would be waiting, puttering outside or at least pretending to be . On  a few
occasions he hid behind his house and as I was walking in front, would
discharge firearms to spook me- about 20 feet away. Over the years we
heard threats, we heard the words "fag" and "queer"" uttered when our backs were to him as we  walked passed.
He would spit towards us. It was a twilight zone. On a few occasions,
he would play chicken with his vehicles as we walked by on the shared
road.  The photo used in this entry is a photo of him backing out onto
the common drive as we were exiting, which is dangerous.  We believed
he would watch to see us leaving and as we approached he would quickly
back out. He watched everything. We believe his son and his wife
watch us now. That is why the father was eventually charged with
"stalking". When we would walk by, if he was with someone, there would
be fake laughter after we passed—very juvenile. On a few occasions, if
his son Jesse was visiting, as I would start up the drive I could hear
Lenny shout "here he comes", like I was going to be ambushed. On many occasions if he was out , I would postpone getting the mail and paper and let him spin his tires, figuratively. Let him burn himself out in anticipation of me walking
buy. We were his hobby. But in retrospect, it must have been
humiliating in that he informed anyone or anything that inhaled oxygen
and expelled carbon dioxide that we were gay. His bullying just made us
more determined to take a stand. It was common knowledge in the hood
that the queers stood up to him and that alone was a tad humiliating
for him to live with. He thought that by calling us queers we would
comply to any of his wishes, be eating out of his hand.  When we would
have visitors, they would often comment on the menacing stares  they had
received as they passed his house.

We had many nuisance things occur over the years. Like finding
large turds, what appeared to be from a very large dog, in our front
yard. We would find coins on our porch and near our garage and also nails. We found shards of glass in our gravel wading pond. We discovered odd grease marks on our
windows that we determined were  oily nose prints left by an inquiring
face. Our "No Trespassing" signs were regularly torn off the trees when
we would post our land before deer hunting season. The one thing that
was creepy is that he would stop service people, UPS, Fedex etc. and
inform them that we were gay. Considering the circumstance, his motive
was to put us in harms way. We rarely called the Police for anything
unless we were both home when they would respond. We tried to not be
alone when the  Lower Saucon Township Police visited. I will have a
whole post on our relationship with the local Police in the future.
We  also found grapefruit size rocks that were put on the drive near our shared property line. They were put there when snow was forecast. We have a butch Toro snow thrower that we use to clear the snow. However the snow fall was less then
forecasted. So we removed the snow with shovels. You could see the
outline of the rock covered with snow. Thankfully we didn't have the
rocks lodge in the auger of our snow thrower. It either could have
totally ruined it or required expensive repairs. So every snow removal
needed added diligence. This only added to our belief that Lenny's
spite had no boundaries. We were about to have that belief confirmed
over the years.
When I was younger, I thought about what it would be like to have
someone CRAZY about me. I believe I can now say I have my answer. Crazy
isn't fun.

Any suggestions or opinions?

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