Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Friday, March 30, 2012

Gun Fire

                                Gun fire  3/28/12

I just finished my walking and I was in the kitchen. I was checking my mail, it was dark, it was 8:15 PM. I heard a single gun shot coming from the rear of Brett Schnieder's property, outside our kitchen door. Kobe started to bark. I turned off our deck and porch lights. The video included in this mail was taken from our deck door. I was concerned about going out in full view. I had no idea which direction the gun was pointed when being fired but heard the sound and it was close. we still have a bullet hole in our dawn to dusk security light.

 I called 911. I wanted a recording of my call made . In perspective, this is an emergency. I did see what I believe was a police car with it's headlights pointing down our drive in about 10 min.  We have a sawhorse barrier that acts as an obstacle so people can't drive in our property, for protection. I walked up the drive with the police headlights on me because I felt safe. It may have been dangerous since I was easily spotted. I watched as the Police car backed out with me in it headlights. The police car kept backing out. It turned around at the Repashs. As he was doing it, another what I believe to be a police car came to the top of the shared drive. I told the dispatcher that I had to leave. I pick up Scott form his commute from NYC. I don't like him standing at the park and ride. As the Police were on the drive,the shooter continued to shoot.

                                   Police Arriving

I left to pick up Scott, half expecting the police to stop me, they didn't. As I left I took note that the Repash house was dark and Jesse's truck and Katlyn's car were there. The floods were on but the house was dark. As we returned, it was curious that Jesse and Katlyn were on the porch and the house was dark and there cars in the same spot. The both were wearing dark clothing. Katlyn looked like she had on a hoodie. Their body language look tense, like they were fumbling with keys to quickly get in the house, like we caught them at something.

What was disturbing was that the  responding Policeman said he had stopped at our house but there is no evidence on our very accurate motion activated security system. He kept say that they won't be shooting anymore that evening which was disturbing. You can't shoot a gun at night, period. People get arrested all the time. He spoke to the persons doing the shooting so he does know the identity of the shooter and admitted not taking any action.
There were about 20 shots fire from what I believe was a 9MM. The video is an example of the gun fire I recorded for our rear door.I believe it was time to my leaving the house to pick up Scott. 

                     Message left by Patrolman-seems strange

  Below is Scott's  brief account of that evening.

The officer that came left a message on our voicemail  which we retrieved when we got home from Jerry picking me up at the bus.

I called the non-emergency LS Police number and left a message with the dispatcher that we have a security system and his visit wasn't recorded on it.

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