Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Toy Cannon Fire?

March 28, 2012, Video shot from deck

I just finished my walking on the treadmill and I was in the kitchen. I was checking my mail, it was dark, it was 8:15 PM. I heard a single gun shot coming from the rear of Brett Schneider's property, outside our kitchen door. Kobe started to bark. I turned off our deck and porch lights. The videos included in this mail was taken from our deck door and our drive. I was concerned about going out in full view. I had no idea which direction the gun was pointed when being fired but heard the sound and it was close. We still have a bullet hole in our dawn to dusk security light and Jesse Repash and Brett Schneider were never questioned in the Police report we requested of the event.

 I called 911. I wanted a recording of my call made with gun fire in the background . In perspective, I believe this was an emergency. I did see what I believe was a police car with it's headlights pointing down our drive in about 10 min. after I called.  We have a sawhorse barrier that acts as an obstacle  at the shared property line so people can't drive in our property, for protection. I walked up the drive with the police headlights on me because I felt safe. It may have been dangerous since I was easily spotted. I watched as the Police car backed out with me in it headlights as I approached them. The police car kept backing out. It turned around at the Repash's. As he was doing it, another what I believe to be a police car came to the top of the shared drive. I told the dispatcher that I had to leave. I pick up Scott from his commute from NYC at the bus stop. I don't like him standing at the park and ride. As the Police were on the drive,the shooter continued to shoot. We believe this was staged to get maximum effect since the Repashes know our schedules. They know when Scoot leaves for work, when he gets home, when we cook out on our grill on our porch, when we take our dog for a walk in our field etc. We believe we are being STALKED.

                                                           Video shooting up the drive.

I left to pick up Scott anyway, half expecting the police to stop me as I left, they didn't. As I left I took note that the Repash house was dark and Jesse's truck and Katelyn's car were parked there. The floods were on but the house was dark. As we returned, it was curious that Jesse and Katelyn were on the porch and the house was dark and there cars in the same spot. The both were wearing dark clothing. Katlyn looked like she had on a hoodie. Their body language look tense, Katlyn's body language was that of panic. Jesse looked like he was fumbling with his keys in the dark and Katehlyn  appeared  to be pushing him from behind to hurry up like we caught them at something. The body language looked like they we caught in the act of trying to hide something. We wonder what? We do both have peripheral vision. That was when we started to believe that Katelyn was part of team Repash. We believe that she has acted, like Debbie Repash, her moths, as a look out for Jesse. We believe the young women's' voice on the video shouting  " we can see you" is Katlyn.

                                     8::15 PM

What was disturbing was that the  responding Policeman said he had stopped at our house but there is no evidence on our very accurate motion activated security system camera. He said that they won't be doing it anymore that evening which was disturbing. Doing what? You can't shoot a gun at night, period. People get arrested for that action. He spoke to the persons doing the  what we believe was the shooting so he does know the identity of the shooter and admitted not taking any action.
There were about 20 shots fired from what I believe was a 9MM. The video is an example of the gun fire I recorded for our rear door believe it was time to my leaving the house to pick up Scott. We believe these stalkers watch us constantly.


                                            8:25 PM

What is disturbing, in a continuum to berate us is that the Police Report claims that we are not hearing real gun fire but "Toy Cannon" fire. So should we believe that the bullet hole in our dusk to dawn security light was put there by a "toy Cannon"?

                                        8:30 PM

                                                            Vague Police Message
 Below is Scott's account of that evening. 

Jerry called the Police about repeated gunfire after dark behind Schneider's garage, near the shared property line.He has described the situation in his own e-mail account of the event. The officer that came left a message on our voicemail which we retrieved when we got home from Jerry picking me up at the bus. The call to our voicemail said it was at 8:52M on Wednesday evening, March 28, 2012.I called the non-emergency LS Police number and left a message with the dispatcher that we have a security systemand his visit wasn't recordedon it. He wasn't here.Officer Muscello called me back and I said he wasn't at our residence and told him the lane continues, we are at the end. He said he must have stopped at the neighbors house (Repash), not realizing the lane continued. He said there was a barrier there and he figured the lane stopped there.

I explained that we have been harassed by Schneider/Repash because we are an elderly gay couple and an easy target. I said that they are in violation of the Township ordinance that doesn't permit any gunfire within 150yds. of an occupied building, unless they have permission. He said he would look into the ordinance and said he would have pushed them more if he had realized that this was a constant occurrence. I asked if they told him why they were shooting the guns. He said they told him "they just like to let off steam". I asked him who was doing the shooting..."was it a fat guy with a beard?". He said "both of them...Repash and Schneider".  I told him the continued gunfire happens multiple times each week and that all the neighbors hear it but we beleive are afraid to call. I said we aren't afraid to call and will continue to do so until they are charged. I told him the security lamp bullet hole story and that Schneider/Repash were never spoken to by  Officer Haggerty as the suspected shooters. I said they are trying to intimidate us and we never know if we are in their gun sights. He said to call whenever theyare creating disturbances.

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