Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Scout's Honor

   For some reason , I still have this shoe box of Boy Scout badges . I was a Life Scout, a few merit badges short of being an Eagle Scout.I was also a member of the OA-Order of the Arrow

This was an event that we found disturbing. We believe it 
was staged. As we have said, we have schedules and it 
isn't that difficult to monitor our activities. Scott had just 
gotten back form the walk and we saw and 
heard Jesse Repash coming back from the bottom of 
his property and the Gun fire started almost immediately. 
Like he said the coast was clear.  Nothing subtle. I have ne

ver been in combat but I have seen and heardnews
 accounts of combat , something similar. It was 
very disturbing. Read parts of the letter for more details. 
But what was interesting is that we read a Crime 
Report in the local paper some time after this event. 

This is a photo of me being in the order of the Arrow. I am front left.
 It was was reported that the Adams  property had bullet 
holes in many places. I recall they found a bullet casing in 
a bedroom and car window were smashed by 
bullets etc. The neighbor reported that he was target 
practicing. It appears that the Adams property was the 
target. Anyway, there appears to be a lesson learned here 
for them. We haven't heard any noticeable regular 
gun fire for the Adams property. We believe that 
Jesse Repash has been on a campaign to rally as many 
neighbors to gang up on the  old queers. After all, the 
weak always have to ban together to go after the strong.
 We see the Adams being on the receiving end as a 
Deux Ex Machina moment.

Boys Scouts Of America

""""""On April 6, 2007, at 10:00AM we heard extreme
 gun fire start near our property, we called 911. Very 
mixed caliber ranging from .22 to 9MM. 
 It sounded chaotic, reckless and extreme. 
 When Officer Willie 
Shelly showed up (a Lower Saucon Township patrolman),
 with a grin on his face and a glean in his eyes, 
he came prepared to ridicule us by saying that we 
were over reacting to little 10 year old boys and Scouts,
Scouts of America, firing .22s. We felt we fell in a 
trap. He told us this was an organized event for
 Scouts with an adult present and what were we 
complaining about, sort of making us look like we were
 picking on 
the Boy Scouts and 10 year old boys. When we kept 
insisting that the caliber of weapons was much
 higher than .22 he stammered and refused to 
other calibers of weapons for some reason 
(we recorded it). He had this look in his eye of fear, 
sort of like hecould not go off the script. We told him 
that we could only hear the reckless gun fire and could 
not see who was doing the gun firing. When the 911 call 
was made,mixed caliber of gun fire was happening in the 
background because the call was made outside.  He got
 extremely agitated, and we got a strong impression 
that Shelly knew more. We got the impression that this 
event was staged and he knew more about it.  He told us 
that the reckless gun fire came from Mr. Adams property
 on Apple St, in Lower Saucon township in Pennsylvania. 
He seemed determined to do nothing. He left and the gun 
fire continued for about 1-1/2 hours. We 
believe that the Boy Scouts of America are being used 
in what we believe to be a ruse, a veiled attempt to
harass and intimidate us, for retaliation for calling the 
Police on another neighbor. We are a senior citizen 
gay couple."""""""

The letter continues to describe the event. We never 
received any acknowledgement. We wrote the Minsi 
Trail Council, WE CC ed others, and I don't recall 
getting any response. However we received a few 
callswith no message. Our caller ID said St Theresa's 
Schoolin Hellertown. We could not connect the dots on
 any association.

Any suggestions?

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