Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chapter 93- What do you think?

                            slow motion for detail

I have written here before that the posts are not in perfect sequence. We have not stopped documenting even though the posts have been minimal. 

This was recent--Nov. 2, 2016 and I find it disturbing. The original is too long to post so I did a slow motion of an integral section. We document when we walk to the mail box on the shared road. The Repash family has not kept their desire a secret for us to give up our legal rights to the access road to our home which has been there for 200+ years. The harassment has been intergenerational. The father thought by outing us in his Universe that we would be eating out of his hand. He and his dead wife Mary sued us. He and his closet case lawyers were taken aback when we didn't fall to our knees when called "fags"and "queers". Jesse Repash, Leonard Repash's son, has taken the stalking harassment up many notches to a bizarre level. He recently baited us into investigating our rural mailbox at night. We were walking up the shared drive and he was waiting for us--it was dark--we had some words. But what was insane was that he called the police and they showed up at our home an hour later.

This is a new jag. We have gotten the impression that Jesse is washing his truck several times a week. We believe it is all timed so he can be out puttering in his drive while we walk by. We believe it is an attempt to make us uncomfortable . It is disturbing to us because we believe that Jesse, like his father is obsessed with us. Or possibly he can't handle the reality that two senior gay men have stood up to him in our passive/aggressive way. We PAID for the paving of the shared drive and he isn't going to tell us how or when we can use it.

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