Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chapter 51--Harassing Gun fire

        Video taken from rear window  7/22/12                          

I haven't updated the blog for some time. That doesn't mean that there haven't been any incidences worth reporting . We stopped calling the police because  we believe they always try to make us look foolish when  they arrive. We suspect some sort of payback since we questioned them . We believe calling to report the gun fire which isn't legal to do in the township under these circumstances, puts us in a compromising situation because we believe the Police are hell bent on making us look like asses. A few months back another neighbor was sighted by the police for doing what we believe Jesse and Brett have been doing and the police make a joke of us. The last two Police reports claim that we are not hearing real gun fire but "toy cannon fire". But we haven't stopped compiling evidence. We have many dozens of the stalking gun fire iphone videos meant to get the maximum attention, today was no exception. We believe we are being harassed and taunted.

We don't believe it is coincidence that the gun fire started today around 5:30 PM , July 22, 2012, it usually does. Or should I say that was when we discovered that it was going on. We had the air conditioners on which muffles the sound but Scott was also running the vacuum. Scott stopped to take a rug to the deck to be shaken and heard the Gun fire.  We believe  the gun fire was time to coincide with our daily taking of our dog for his  daily late day  walk. However, since it has been so hot we have been taking him in the early evening to avoid the heat. We believe we are always being watched and our schedule isn't a mystery. We believe that Jesse Repash has been acting out all day. We also suspect that he was baiting us all day to investigate his activities. Every chore he did today appeared to be done in  clear view of our living room window, the window that faces our pond and his property. What we noticed and have been noticing is that there seems to be a performance aspect to what he does. His behavior is often very manic. Everything he does seems to involve noise, weed whacker , chair saw , ATV, John Deere big boy tractor and leaf blower.  But what is strange is that he appears to be glancing towards the back of his house as if he is assessing something. Like his body language is staged. We sense that his chores are staged as bait since they seem so manic and inconclusive.  Meaning he appears to not do anything long enough to really accomplish anything. Our dog often alert us to movement. We have often suspected that we are being video taped from his property when we even walk to our garage or feed our pond fish when he is making noise to possibly get our attention.  His lawyer claimed  2 years ago that they had  2 videos of us doing something .  We had requested they sit down then with a mediator and discuss the situation-they refused to go.  We suspect we are being baited now to investigate noise so he has wiggle room to claim that those elderly queers are making his life a living hell by simply covering their asses. Today Jesse appeared to top off todays activity  with us being  serenade by gun fire. We estimated about 100  plus shots were fired. The show went on from around 5:30 PM until 6:20 PM.

           Video taken from rear window  in our                         living  room 7/22/12

 He made a point of coming back from his pond region near the shared property line, something he does that we believe is for maximum effect; an in your face gesture, viewed just outside our living room window. Recently when he is revving his engine as he passes , he hasn't been looking over as he has in the past. We believe his body language  today however is some sort of a menacing stare, a stance of sorts/provocative while looking at our home, much like his father had done constantly. His angst appear to up a few notches. Again we stay in the house when he performs because we very often feel that if we investigate for any reason or just go to our garage or look in that direction,  we suspect our actions are being observed. We have nothing to hide but we believe we are being stalked.  We believe Jesse fell into a trap he set and is desperate now. We believe he can't process that we haven't buckled as a result of he and Brett Schnieder stalking and gun fire usage. We believe he is unstable, malicious, vindictive and soulless.   Our Homosexuality isn't a secret but we know well enough that in the Hinterlands, a guard is needed.  We still believe he is responsible for the bullet hole in our dusk to dawn security light shade.

Any suggestions or direction ?

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Kel Kelly said...

jerry, i can't even describe what i am feeling after reading this post. it is so incredibly sad that the peacefulness of your home environment is being terrorized by an obviously disturbed neighbor. you are an amazing human being to put up with his crap. i hope karma intervenes soon, so you are able to have peace again.

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