Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Monday, November 18, 2013

Gun Fire, Chapter 79

The Gun fire has started up again. Jesse Repash has been on a jag. Going up and down at the shared property line on his ATV  giving us stares to get our attention. We hear it before we see it. He had a vanity plate on the front of the ATV for us to see for a while that said "Rev Neck"-cute. Anyway, there  seems to be a renewed interest in baiting us. Debbie put on a very vulgar disturbing show on Nov. 15, 2013. This past sunday,  Nov. 17, 2013 was no exception for Jesse.

            Scott leaving for the scheduled walk with dog
            Note the deer at the end.

He went up and down on his John Deere at the shared property line, then he did a few circles on his Tractor with the brush hog outside our living room window, then his ATV-we hear it all. We knew when we heard the ATV go down around the time we take our dog for a walk, we suspect that he was going to bait us by Gun Fire. It is a legitimate concern that when he fires his gun at his range that he is doing so while FACING our property. We believe this is menacing and meant to be intimidating. After all we still have a real Bullet Hole in our security light shade that lines up with the Repash property. If someone can get away with it once, what is preventing them from doing it again? We believe the Lower Saucon Township Police indifference has emboldened the Repashes. After all there Property is protected by "Magickal Jesse". We believe the real bullet hole ( I believe Haggerty tried to berate me recently when I reported the theft of the motion activated camera from our mail box. We believe Jesse Repash knows who is responsible for the theft. We believe that Brett Schneider knows who is responsible for the theft and we believe the Lower Saucon Township Police know who did it. Haggerty said when I brought it up "how do you know it is a bullet hole?" Isn't it the police job to established that? No investigation was ever done which we and other's believe adds to the belief that the Lower Saucon Township are protecting the perpetrator). We believe that bullet hole was but there to harass us, to intimidate us because Jesse Repash was forced to move his ATV that he had parked on the shared drive for hours to provoke us into a confrontation, a reappearing trend. We document and give a time line of the gun fire just in case we find another bullet hole coming from that direction. When there is gun fire, we can see Jesse Repash rubber necking to see if we are watching him from our deck. Jesse doesn't get the attention he craves. The cadance of the gun fire appears to be more being meancing and harassing than to actually sharpening your skills.

There seems to be this up tick of what we and others believe is baiting us. We suspect that Jesse is playing the innocent little country boy card who is being picked on by those big city queers. So far from the truth. He will be outed! Jesse repash doesn't determine when we take our dog for a walk. We have being doing so for more than 25 years at that time which varies with the seasons.

One matter Scott noticed as he was walking our dog on Sunday was the spot where Jesse Repash was standing when he was discharging his gun. He is shooting in the direction of our property , 45 degrees. Not 90 degrees but it appears that all he needs to do is turn his hand slightly with the gun a few degrees and we are in the line of fire while we take our dog for his walk. Considering that we have seen them holding cans of beer as Jesse and Bret have been shooting in that spot in the past, this is a  concern.

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