Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Chapter 75---WTF


We hand washed the Van on Saturday June 8, 2013. What we do is park the Element blocking the view from the Repash Property, so we have a semblance of privacy. We have to get the Elly out of the garage to get access to our riding and push mowers and we park it on our drive. We believe we are the only ones in the neighborhood that can actually get a car in their garage. Anyway, there is a pattern where Jesse Repash and Brett Schneider have sat on lawn furniture on Nursery Lane in front the Repash house for hours, yes I said hours,blocking the drive. There was one time we actually took note of how long they sat there, waving and saying mocking "hi"  toasting us with a beer can ,as we would cross our drive to our house and vice versa.  The one time was 5 Hours, yes  5 hours. Who has that much time too waste ?  But is is fun two harass the two Senior queers ! We believe they are trying to harass/bait us into a confrontation, we don't take the bait, we document. So when we block the line of site ,it seems to set Jesse off. Remember, that was the direction the gun was fired that put the real bullet hole in our dusk to dawn security light shade. Yes , the bullet hole that  we believe Jesse Repash and Brett Schneider know who put there. The bullet hole that  we believe the Lower Saucon Township Police know who put there and are protecting the assailant. Anyway, as I was on a step ladder washing the roof of the van, I could see Jesse Repash and Brett Schneider slithering down Nursery Lane toward our shared property line, slithering in a boastful manner, got flip of it. Then they turned down near the Repash Summer Kitchen. I continued to wash the Van, then in about 10 minutes or so they slithered  back up  Nursery Lane toward the Repash House. They like to posture like this, like two lost latch key lost souls. This was actually planned! Blah , Blah , Blah.

                       Discovering the Hoodoo Message

Then on monday morning ,June 10, 2013, when I walked up the drive to remove the barrier, I saw what Jesse Repash and Brett Schneider were up to. The video is graffiti the was scrawled on the side of the Summer Kitchen for our benefit-this video gives perspective. Is it a warning to us of sorts? We believe it has the styling of a Manson Family, helter skelter flair-quite desperate and madd. It says " this property protected by Magickal Jesse" also "write a book"(which is reference to this blog " and "one eye ace" with an icon of the "O" in the ONE being an  pictogram eye with eye lashes.  Plus two Pentagrams, all drawn with what appears to be  different colors of chalk. This may be the result of some of the details that we shared with the Northampton Country Dective, Detective  Frank Jordan. We shared with him a list of discoveries, in addition to other evidence, when we visited the Northampton District Attorney's office, that we suspect are some Witch's curse like events and hoodoo meant to be harassing towards us and get our attention. We told him about the line of Rock Salt across the shared drive that we had drive over. The regular Hoodoo fires that are done in clear view of our house where they sit for hours and stare at our home ( in fact there was one fire on June 8, 2013. We shared the burning  Glass votive candles placed near the property line? The white line painted across the shared property line on the road that Jesse Repash refused to tell us why it was there and what  paint was used. We mentioned the severed Goat's leg we had recently found in our yard. We believe  we have been the obsession of the Repashes for decades and it has spanned two generations.

What we believe is the most disturbing is that this  vandalism / graffiti was willfully done. Many who are aware of it believe it is meant to be a threat of sort. What we noticed is that there are fresh hand drawn Pentagrams and other icons and words on the their garage meant for us to see. But also it is letting us know how vulnerable the Repashs feel. If you don't want trouble in your life, don't create any. We don't have any idea what the Repash's term their believe system, but from our research, it sure isn't Wiccan.

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What sort of message do you think the Repash Family is sending by this masterwork?

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Tommy Chong said...

Contact the Pink Pistols or Bash Back and end this madness, you deserve peace!

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