Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Sunday, September 18, 2011

White line?

                     White line ?

On Sunday, March 20, 2011, I was taking some recycled stuff to the garage and I noticed something different, out of the corner of my eye, about the driveat the shared property line.I noticed some white atthe Property line. Earlier,as I was looking out Scott's studio window, we saw a white X on one of the spruce's at the property line, near our pond. The Xwas facing us? Kobe had been barking  a little earlier that afternoon. He was looking towards the property line at the drive. I saw Jesse walking up the drive from near our shared property line. I didn't go out to check.

I walked up the drive to see what was there and there was this 15 inchwide white stripe painted on thedrive, from left to right- we documented it. I cameback to the house and got Scott and he and I walkedup the drive. At 6:50 PM , Scott called the Lower Saucon Township Police to report it.  The line appears to be painted with some sort of strange white paint . We suspect it has some alter motive other than establishing property lines.Under the circumstances,we believe that Jesse Repash did it to harass us. The Police arrived at 7:20PM, it was starting to getting dark. Patrolman Eric Marth arrived first, followed by Patrolman Werkheiser. We did most of thetalking with Marth at first. We thought it was overkill that Werkheiser was there also in another Patrol Car to Investigate a white line. This was the 3rd time we called the Police in the last 10 days. What we fund a bit disturbing was that Werkheiser seemed too familiar with the underlying circumstances.Again we sensed something staged. He mentioned thathe saw Jesse Repash at the Township Building. Jessewas there, he said to meet with the zoning Officer.I recall Werkheiser saying that that person was there on site when the White line was painted. Later in a correspondence the zoning officer Chris Granges, denighed being there.   As both Policeman were standing near the property line with us,Jesse comes storming out of his house and down the drive, all jagged up and manic waving some papers. The Police both hollered for him to get back in the house.Marth went into the house to talk with Jesse and then they came out and both walked down the property line discussing something. Werkeiser had commented that it wasn't very neighborly that Jesse had not contacted us earlier about painting the white stripe on the shared road. His painting  the stripe was to simply heighten the tension he has continued to create.I kept asking Werkeiser what the purpose of the stripe was and he kept giving a reason about the property line,he said he was an Engineer in the past. Hewas stating something about he having been an engineer and the earth moves-he wasn't making sense. He mentioned something about "the crew" coming in to develop the goat habitat-something like that. He seemed to be rattled by our asking question. Like he was struggling to stay on script and we were yankinghis chain. We believe he was lying and knew more, like it was a set up of sorts. We told him that Jesse paints the property line stake at the drive everyyear. What we both found disturbing was how indifferent Werkheiser was. We wondered why he said "you could save yourselves lots of trouble by putting in our own access road and giving up the Right of way". He did what appeared to be a staged observation of where that road would go. We told him that was out of the question and we have legal access and willnot give it up and we paid to have that macadam installed on the Repash property. I told him that evenif we had our own road, the property lines would not change so what was his point. Werkeiser seemed way too familiar with some of the details of the situation that gave us the impression that his visit was staged in Some way- two policemen for such a minor inquiry. We told him that officer Patrolman Winter toldus recently not to report Harassment,like theGolf balls we have found (80 of them over time) because it would only encourage more harassment. However they stopped showing us since we reported it. Winter also told us after we told him that we saw Jesse Repash at the property line at dusk, facing us, with him holding what appeared to be a video camera.Policemen that we had contacted a Mediator last year and contacted the Repashes to participate in Mediation and they refused to go. We offered to pay for the whole thing and they refused to go. They responded that they wanted us to put in our own road. What we found strange was that the Policemen told usthat Jesse was dealing with the zoning officers because he was going to get 4 goats and some bee hives. Considering the lack of upkeep on their property,that isn't being done, we suspect that he won't give the goats the proper  care they would need. What was also strange was that Werkheiser had said the name of the zoning officer who was out that day assisting the applying the white stripe. We contacted the zoning officer and he said he was never at our neighbor's property that day.

Just another day in Paradise?

Any suggestions????????

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