Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sealed drive?

sealed drive?


We received a letter via certified mail indicating that the shared drive would be sealed on Sept. 9, 2011. We were not asked if it would be a convenient time...wewere told it was going to be done and we complied. Theprevious time that Jesse sealed the drive years ago, he only informed us when was doing it. Never asked if it would inconvenience  for us at that time of sealing nor asked to share cost. I told him to send us a copy of the invoice and we would share in the cost. He never sent us an invoice copy. However, the drive was not 
sealed on Sept 9, but 3 large "speed bumps" were installed on the common road by what looked like Lower Saucon Township Road Authority on a Saturday morning Sept 10. We have documentation of the truck being there anda Verizon worker told us what they were doing.

We keep our distance and believe that any attempt to communicate with the Repash family is putting ourselvesin a compromising situation. They had  recently refused to attend a session with a Mediaor that we would hire and pay for the session. However, we received a phone message  Sept. 14 that the drive would be sealed  Saturday Sept 16, 2011. It wasn't sealed on Saturday. This time we believe Jesse was just playing a game. He says it was going to be sealed and 3 speed bumps are 
installed.  No misunderstanding on our part, just Jesse playing what we now believe to be a malicious game. However, on Sunday morning we discovered that the roadwas cordoned off  at the shared property line.(it must've been  spray sealed early Sunday morning). We didn't hear any of the leaf blowing that we have been accustomed to. It was a stealth mission-very clandestine. They knew we were trapped because neither of our cars were parked up on Alpine Drive. No one made any effort to double check as to why we hadn't prepared for the sealing. They even got driveway spray sealant onout sawhorse the is used as added protection from trespassersdriving onto our property. We couldn't leave our property because the road would be closed for 60 hours- seesign. Scott couldn't get out to  go to work!We were trapped here and couldn't leave. Barry Dubbs was kind enough to photograph the sign that day on Alpine Drive and send it to us via e-mail.I am type 2 diabetic and this wasn't helping my numbers and have high blood pressure and Scott has recently been treated for prostate cancer. This harassment has taken a  toll which we believe our cowardly adversaries would relish to know that. They probably had a good laugh. It is so masculine yanking old gay men's chains.

We believe at this point that there seems to be a conspiracy to harass/bully and humiliate us into a compromising position to force us to give up the access road as our only opportunity for peace of mind.  We believethe conspiricy includes the Lower Saucon Township Police, the Lower Saucon Township road authority and neighbors.This harassment has been in waves over the 28 years we've owned this home and the community's silence, we believe, has been complicity. We contacted the 
Lower Saucon Township Police SEPT 17TH afternoon , after speaking with the State Police, and they seem to beplaying the same game again. They know we haven't had a lawyer working on our behalf and they are taking 
advantage of our vulnerability.  We flipped the smaller township  dump truck on Alpine drive hauling a compressor. The were sealing drives all day. They did Nursery Lane, the shared road. They sealed 2507,2486,and 2484 Alpine drive. 
caller Id of timeline
I have since written Tom Maxfield-vice president of Lower Saucon  Township Council for a reponce on Townshipemployees to work on private property, and have gottenno acknowledgement nota response from my e-mails. Remember we saw the Lower Saucon Township large Truck doing work on Nursery Lane, a private drive Sept 10, 2011,and the next day there were 3 speed bumps. The Lower Saucon Township Policeman Gunshore returned the cal made early in the afternoon on Sept 17. What was suspicious that it took hours for the Police to return the call. It was retuned at 6:41 Pm.  We believe it wasn'tcoincidence that the call was returned after the sealing was completed up on Alpine Drive and the coast was cleared for any investigation.
                and on the 3rd day....   

Any suggestions????

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